The Future of Technology: The World in 30 Years

The world is turning into a science fiction fantasy novel, and as time passes there are ever more advancements that make our everyday lives seem incredible. We are all living in the technological and information age, and there has never been a more complex and technologically advanced epoch in the history of humankind.

We are interested in the future, and what it brings to us. That’s why we want to go over some of the things we think will change our lives even more. Come and have a look at the technologies of the future.


CyborgYes, the half man half robot race of humans is becoming a reality. There are even people alive today that are cyborgs and use technology to better their existence. This use of technology is directed towards the integration of the human body with robotic, or just electronic devices that can help you with your disability, or just help you in your work and life.

One of the more famous examples is the man who could not see colors, so he developed a gadget that helps him hear colors by sending high pitch vibrations thru his skull to his brain, that memorized them as colors.

Flying Car

This invention has been a fantasy of many children, and even some grown-ups for quite some time. This has made generations of inventors try and develop these flying vehicles into something real and usable by the masses. The development is still in its early phases, but this is no longer a fantasy, people are actually working on the project and want to find a solution.

Space Travel

Space TravelOne of the major issues of space travel is the fact that our technology for moving thru outer space is still not fast enough so we can reach a wanted destination in one lifetime. That’s why we need to find new principles of travel, and new geometric shapes that will ease the movement of these vehicles thru space.

Yes, that’s right it might be possible for you to embark on a journey to the planet Mars that your eyes will see, and not just the eyes of your grandchildren. We are still far from finding the right solution, but space scientists are eagerly working on it.

Under Water Cities

Since many people speculate that the world will be too crowded wary soon, if it’s not already, we are looking for alternative places to make cities. The other benefit of living underground comes from the fact that there are a lot of unused mineral and metal deposits on the bottom of earth’s oceans and a lot of people are looking into ways to tap into them.

If you are worried about the sun, and food, you don’t have to. The LED light technology has advanced so much that you can plant Indore gardens and they will grow just with the aide of those lights. Seem to exit, and almost fairytale like.